We’ve been travelling backwards and forwards to Portugal since we resumed our retreats last year and the Portuguese Border Force are very efficient from our experience, but also very insistent that you have all the documentation needed.  

Whilst restrictions have been relaxed somewhat, you still need to be completely up to date with what you need to fly – not just for entering Portugal but also to fly too.

As people fly from all around the world to come on our retreats, I would strongly advise you check with your airline as to what the requirements are for them.

As far as getting into Portugal is concerned, you should read the information on your relevant Government website for your country, as the requirements may be different depending on where you are travelling from.

For those coming from the UK, click here.

Everyone will need to complete a Passenger Locator Form.  This can be done within 4 days of travel.  This can be found here. (this link will open in a new page which you can close once you have completed the form).  BEFORE YOU DO THIS, click here to go to our FAQ page, which will has the address of the retreat, as you will need this.

The requirements in summary (although it is your responsibility to check this) is:

  • You must of had a full course, as described below, of a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency, at least 14 days and no more than 270 days before you arrive, or
  • a full course of a vaccine, as described below, plus a booster vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency at least 14 days before you arrive

If you are not vaccinated, you will need to have had a PCR test (and proof of a negative result) to enter Portugal (and our retreat).

The official Government info page is here

One thing to be mindful of… if you did not have a booster in 2022, there’s a good chance your first two vaccinations will be greater than their 270 day requirement – please check this.  If you have had covid, and you reported this to the NHS or your relevant country’s health authority, you should have a ‘covid pass’ which says you have had covid.

In the UK (and apologies for those travelling from other countries, but they should have the equivalent), you will need to download the NHS app – once you login to this, you can download and print your covid information needed to travel.


If you don’t print it off and want to use it on your phone, open the app to show the barcode of the latest vaccination or covid confirmation and take a screengrab of it – that way it will be much easier to access when you are asked for it (which could be several times on your journey).  Nothing winds up other passengers than those trying to access their app (which you have to log into every time you go to it) and then find the info!  Don’t add to your stress – print it off – it’s much easier!!

Keep this somewhere safe, as you will also need this to travel back.

In Summary…

  1. Visit the website here for all the info regarding travelling to Portugal
  2. Check now to ensure your last vaccination/booster is within the 270 days from the date of your RETURN to your country, as this will apply for you to fly out of Portugal
  3. Print off your covid vaccination information or take a screen-grab of it to use on your phone and store it somewhere easily accessible
  4. If you are not vaccinated or outside of the date requirements – please book a PCR test (not a lateral flow) within 48 hours of your flight, ensuring you will have the results in time to travel
  5. Remember to complete, print off and bring with you your Passenger Locator Form.

We hope this information has been of use to you and look forward to you joining us on our safe retreat very soon