Most people arrive at least the day before and check into one of the hotels close to the airport.

Around a week before the retreat, we will publish a pick up timetable so you know when we will be picking you up.

Please ensure you are outside your hotel a few minutes before your pick up time so we are not delayed.

If you are flying in on the day of the retreat, please ensure you WhatsApp Richie when you land and then again when you get through passport control.
In the arrivals area, please wait at Cafe Central and look out for the driver holding up a sign saying “Life Right Retreats”.  If you arrive much earlier than your scheduled meet time, you can go outside but please be back there 10 minutes before your pick up time.

Cafe Central

IF YOUR FLIGHT IS DELAYED by more than 15 minutes and you are flying in on the morning of the retreat, please ensure you let Richie know via WhatsApp ASAP.  A delayed flight on the day of the retreat may mean you miss the transfer service and need to get a taxi to the retreat.  This can cost between 35-50 euros.  You may be able to claim this back from the airline (depending on the delay time) or your travel insurance, but, as you will miss the start of the retreat, it’s not a great beginning (hence why we don’t recommend flying in the day of the retreat)