Pre-Retreat Consultation

Before any application to join a retreat is accepted, you get to discuss your reasons for coming and how we can help, on a telephone consultation with Lilly.  This is to ensure we can help you with what is holding you back and that you will fit in with the group on the retreat.

For highly complexed issues, Lilly may also recommend either online or clinic appointments before and/or after the retreat too, so you can maximise your transformation.  We can be in your life for as long as you need us.

Remember, there are only a maximum of 10 places available, so do not delay in applying to join this life-changing transformational retreat.

One-To-One Consultations with Lilly

As anyone will tell you who has been on a Life Right Retreat before, sessions with Lilly are the most important element of your retreat experience.  Lilly not only puts together your unique package of one-to-one sessions, ancillary programme and diet, but she works with you on an intensive basis to help you get rid of the impact and effect of what is holding you back.

Your one-one-to-one sessions with Lilly last up to 40 minutes

  • 30 min – £70
  • 40 min – £90
  • 120 min – 35 $
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Transform Your Life

Are you tired of feeling the way you do? Do you envy your friends who don't have the burden to carry that you have? In just 6 days we can transform your life. Take a look at the testimonials and see all of the different issues we have been able to help people with

Free Recipes

All of the food you will experience on the retreat is free from gluten, diary & refined sugar, but packed full of flavour and goodness.

So you can continue your journey when you get home, we share some of the recipes with you and these are waiting for you on your login page when you return home.  You can expand your meals for all the family by purchasing one of our ‘gut healing’ recipe books

  • 60 min – 20 $
  • 90 min – 27 $

Sport Massage

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  • 60 min – 20 $
  • 90 min – 27 $
  • 120 min – 35 $

Life Right Retreats.  85 Great Portland Streeet.  London.  W1
email us.  telephone: 01256 593333

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