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Recommended Hotels for Before & After

Whether you want to extend your experience by booking in a hotel before or after the retreat, we have a list of those that have been recommended by previous retreaters This list is based on client feedback Also, from any of these hotels, the shuttle can pick you up and/or drop you off as part [...]


Now you can get through passport control at Faro even faster, as Portugal becomes the first EU country to reopen the electronic gates at passport control. No more queueing for the people in the glass boxes, no more having to have all your paperwork in an expanding file - you just make sure you put [...]


We've been travelling backwards and forwards to Portugal since we resumed our retreats last year and the Portuguese Border Force are very efficient from our experience, but also very insistent that you have all the documentation needed.   Whilst restrictions have been relaxed somewhat, you still need to be completely up to date with what you [...]


AVAILABLE ON SELECTED RETREATS.  CHECK YOUR INDIVIDUAL DATES Acupuncture is a healing technique of traditional Chinese medicine. It has been around for over 3,000 years, and is a safe and effective method for restoring balance and relieving pain in the body. Acupuncture is based on specific anatomic points called “acupoints.” These points are stimulated using [...]


When you arrive into Faro, please send Richie a WhatsApp message to confirm you have landed. The systems at Faro are usually very slick and swift.  If there are a number of flights arriving at the same time, then it will be good to get through to passport control as soon as possible - of [...]

Beating the Queues At The Airport

Since the pandemic, airlines and airports seem to have even more excuses for what can often be seen as disorganised chaos when it comes to moving passengers efficiently round the airport. We hope these few nuggets and tips, gained over many years of airport use (and a lot of post-pandemic trips too) will go some [...]

Getting The Best Flight Price

No one likes to be sat next to the person who got their flight for a lot less than you paid, but hopefully with these little nuggets of information, you'll be able to sit there with a little smile inside thinking "I paid a lot less than that!" According to those in the know, the [...]

Customise Your Retreat Experience

Now you've had your consultation with Lilly, she's chosen a treatment package to help get you from where you are towards where you want to be, but that's not to say you can't enjoy the experience even more by adding some more treatments. People often ask if they can do this when they are on [...]