Which is the right retreat for you?

Each of our retreats offers a different programme, suitable for different issues.

Below is a grid detailing the content for the 3 types we offer.  Also, here is a helpful
guide to choosing the right one for you


Choose this retreat if you are experiencing (or have experienced):

Stress, Overload, Exhaustion, Bloating, Binge Eating, Excessive drinking or eating, Family/Relationship Issues, Fatigue, Poor Sleep, Agitation, Poor Memory, Over active mind


Choose this retreat if you are experiencing (or have experienced):

Bad Habits, Poor Choices/Behaviour, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem, Inflammation, Overactive mind/brain, need for time to convalesce after pain, loss, injury or upset.


Choose this retreat if you are experiencing (or have experienced):

Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Post-Surgery Issues, Physical Pain, Stress, Abuse, Grief, Loss, Relationship Issues, Lack of Confidence, Burnout, Over indulging

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The 4-day, for those who want to…

Step away from the stress of life and rebalance
Experience a calming of the mind and body
Kick-start a fasting or cleansing regime
Connect or reconnect with breath-work, yoga and meditation
Prioritise themselves and take time to think again

If this sounds appealing and you are experiencing any of the following… Fatigue, aches and pains, nausea, poor sleep, constant chatter/thoughts, agitation, poor memory recall or exhaustion…

then it is time to be your time, to stop the harm and reintroduce the good!!
This is a focused restorative and blended programme of mind, body and brain

The 5-day, for those who want to…

Change habits, behaviours and health status.
Improve relationships, automatic responses and self esteem.
Rebalance or calm, brain, mind and inflammation.
Take time out to recalibrate, remember and nurture themselves after pain, loss, injury or upset.

if you know you need change to make the most of your life, always react in a certain way that does not serve you or have an illness or condition that you want to improve then this holistic, mind, body, gut, programme could be the difference that makes the difference for that!

On the 6-day Retreat…, the people we see on this retreat have typically been ‘around the block’ when it comes to seeing other ‘specialists’, often with the same response…. “there’s nothing we can do”. We believe there is always something that can be done, when you deal with the whole person and combine the emotional, physical and psychological elements.
This retreat has helped people to walk when ‘specialists’ have said it cannot be done. It’s helped people literally smile again following facial paralysis when their specialist said “what you have is as good as it can be”.

This retreat focuses on mind and body, with a mental & physical health regime.
It includes overnight fasting, anti-inflammatory foods on specific days to calm & recalibrate detoxification in specific organs, culminating in better communication between neuropeptides, enzymes & hormones via the brain/gut pathway.
This regime may result in weight loss, specifically from visceral fat.

If you are unsure which retreat is best for you, call our team on 01252 265001 or chat on WhatsApp at +447956004434

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