A range of dynamic programmes devised by Lilly, using the very latest technology to help with a wide range of issues. These treatments can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own room or as you gently swing in one of our hammocks.

These are in addition to any pre-booked package

brain in hands


The mind is a filter for how you view life and the situations that are going on around you, as well as those that have built up over the years. Sometimes it reaches overload and either shuts down or slows your thought processes and enjoyment of life, giving rise to a change in mood, decrease in motivation and interest in life.

This session will help reverse this, changing your mood and neuro-programming.

3 sessions are recommended

  • £25 per session

Reduce Anxiety

Certain brain activity influences how worry can increase and lead to anxiety in the autonomic nervous system. Often this in the cause of stress, upset and agitation, in the way we think, act, breathe, sleep and move our body. This treatment matches a heightened response via the nervous systemic your brain and body, by changing the way your mind delivers signals which slow down brainwave activity to a more rational cognitive state.

4 sessions are recommended

  • £25 per session
brain in hands
brain in hands

Enhance Sleep

Using the latest rTMS technology, mind enhancing and relaxation neural programming techniques, this treatment 're-trains' your brain to receive & accept the signals from your hormones to relax and produce sleep-like reactions in your body, redirecting your thought processes into a parasympathetic state to induce restful and restorative sleep. The holistic use of neuro-entrainment balances hormone production and improves your natural circadian rhythm.

3-4 sessions are recommended

  • £25 per session

Energy & Focus Boost

Feel lethargic? You can increase your energy with our specialist rTMS equipment, combined with therapeutic audio sessions from Lilly which will help focus and energy.

This will also help with cognitive performance and attention, whilst reducing the proportion of errors. It energises cells on a molecular level, resulting in oxygenised brain cells and increased blood flow.

2-5 sessions recommended, depending on requirements.

  • £25 per session
brain in hands
brain in hands

Enhance Your Memory & Clarity Of Mind

If you have difficulty in focusing or suffer from brain fog or memory issues, this session uses the latest EEG equipment and dynamic feedback that helps enhance your mental state -great in conjunction with Lilly's meditation workshops & classes.
Provides graphical assessment, so you can track progress.

3 sessions recommended

  • £25 per session

Decrease Aches & Pain Through Mind/Body Techniques

This session uses neuro-therapeutic techniques to change pain signalling from mind to body, that ultimately change acute & long-term aches and pain in any area of your body. This is achieved by either rTMS or electro-therapy (depending on the location, duration & type of pain you are experiencing). It also uses different breathing techniques to change the signal of pain to brain via the mind & our life story. Long term pain is always a learned behaviour response which will be exacerbated by an emotional or psychological event.

3-6 sessions recommended

  • 30 mins - £40
brain in hands

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