Our exclusive 6-day retreat focuses on mental health transformation, taking those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, abuse, childhood adversity, trauma, long covid, relationship issues and burnout and changing lives.

People travel from all over the world to experience this 5-star rated retreat. Will you be the next life we change?

Why Choose This 6-Day Life Right Retreat?

The people we see on this retreat have typically been 'around the block' when it comes to seeing other 'specialists', often with the same response.... "there's nothing we can do". We believe there is always something that can be done, when you deal with the whole person and combine the emotional, physical and psychological elements.
This retreat has helped people to walk when 'specialists' have said it cannot be done. It's helped people literally smile again following facial paralysis when their specialist said "what you have is as good as it can be".

This retreat focuses on mind and body, with a mental & physical health regime.
It includes overnight fasting, anti-inflammatory foods on specific days to calm & recalibrate detoxification in specific organs, culminating in better communication between neuropeptides, enzymes & hormones via the brain/gut pathway.
This regime may result in weight loss, specifically from visceral fat.

  • Inclusive pre-retreat consultation so we can tailor a personalised programme to you
  • Complimentary airport pick-up & drop off
  • Welcome orientation meeting and tour of our private resort
  • Choice of your own room or share with someone
  • Psychotherapy workshop x 2
  • Wellbeing workshop
  • Therapeutic movement workshop x 2
  • Guided healing workshop
  • Breathwork workshop
  • Self Hypnosis workshop
  • Digestive healing workshop
  • Vagus exercise workshop x 2
  • A highly experienced & supportive team focusing on your specific goals
  • 5x one-to-one consultations with Lilly
  • 1x one-to-one Reiki Healing sessions
  • 1x ‘Mind Modelling’ Neurotherapy session
  • 1x BioHealth Screen
  • 2x BioHealth Treatment
  • 2x Neuromuscular treatments
  • 1x Acupuncture sessions
  • 1x Clinical Reflexology treatment
  • 1x Advanced Detox Cleanse
  • 5 Yoga classes (for all levels)
  • 3 Meditation sessions
  • 1 Beach Meditation
  • 1 Drum meditation class
  • 2 ‘Aqua-cise’ classes
  • 2 Chi-Flow Dance class
  • 1 Circuit class
  • 1 Beach excursion
5 stars

An incredible experience and something that everyone should do.

A Life Right Retreat is amazing and I am going back feeling revitalised and regenerated, with a clear head and feeling so much better.

The food was delicious, the workshops were captivating and the team led by Lilly were each brilliant at what they did.  I cannot imagine a better place for changing your life.

I would love to come back again in the future.

Thirza – Switzerland

5 stars

My goal was to walk my daughter down the aisle in 5 months.  Problem was, I had been told by a specialist that I wouldn’t walk again due to a degenerative spinal condition.

I arrived trepidatious and doubtful.  I had looked at the reviews online and felt, if anyone could make a difference, Life Right could.  And boy did they make a difference!

Within 30 minutes of working with Lilly & Lee, I was walking again.  I practiced what I learned at each session and by the end of the first day, was walking unaided.  I cannot describe the elation I felt.

If you have something wrong, don’t waste your time with anyone else.  Life Right are the ones who can help

Daniel – UK

5 stars

My daughter was the one who recommended I came on a Life Right Retreat.  She had worked with Lilly before and said she would trust her with her life.  I made every excuse, even suggested she go instead of me but I made it in the end.

The care, love and support I received from the team and the other retreaters was beyond expectation.  The changes I experienced were just incredible.  Not only did Lilly sort out the emotional issues I came for, but she identified the cause of the facial paralysis I had on one side of my face.  I had seen several NHS ‘specialists’ about this and they told me what I had was the best I could expect.  Lilly completely reversed it, so now I can smile and I can close my eye normally.

Whatever you have wrong, Lilly and her team at Life Right should be the people you go to.  They are simply amazing.

Sue – UK

6 day grid

This is an example of the proposed programme which is subject to
change to meet the evolving requirements of individuals or the group.

Where You Will Stay

Only 25 minutes from Faro airport, yet nestled in the hills between the historic town of Loulé and Sao Bras, our private resort offers seclusion and privacy, so you can enjoy your stay and immerse yourself into the programme without intrusion.

This boutique resort is perfectly equipped with everything you need for a relaxing stay during your retreat.

There is plenty of personal time where, if you are not working with one of our practitioners or therapists, you can take a dip in the pool, relax in the sun, spend time in the sauna, play table tennis or pool, or just swing in one of our 12 hammocks

Our resort consistently receives an overall rating of 9.5/10 so we are confident that your downtime will be enjoyed to the fullest.

Each large room is comfortable with air-conditioning, mattress toppers and comfortable pillows.  The rooms can be configured with a double bed for sole occupancy or twin beds for those opting to share.

Each room also benefits from an en-suite bathroom.

What You Will Eat

plant based diet

The food we serve on the retreat is not only nutritious but it’s delicious too!
All of the food is organic with much of it grown by our chef and all of the meals are made following recipes created by Lilly.
The menu plan for this retreat offers a health reset including overnight fasting and caloric restriction – this will lead to a resting digestive system and detox of the liver.

Firstly, I was surprised at not just the quality of the food, but also the quantity!  I had always been taught to limit portion sizes, but what this taught me is that, so long as the diet is professionally planned and contains the right foods, I don’t have to eat off a side plate!

I was never hungry, although I did look forward to meal times, only because it was so tasty.  A huge bonus was, despite eating more whilst I was there, I lost quite a bit of weight – and I had tried Weight Watchers, Slimming World and some others and none of them succeeded, whereas I lost more in the 5 days I was here than 5 months in any slimming club.

Nicky (Zimbabwe)

How Can I Apply To Come On This Retreat?

Firstly, click the button to complete a short form about you.

Once we receive this, you will have a dedicated team member who will be with you every step of the way leading up to the retreat (and on it too), so by the time you get there, you have already spent time working with your host.

They will call you to go through the whole process and what you need to do.  This includes the programme, the food and drink and any additional items to enhance your package.

They will then set up a telephone call with our Retreat Creator Lilly.  She will discuss in detail your health goals and what we do to work with you to achieve these.

Lilly will then liaise with your host, compiling a recommended programme of treatments and therapies to maximise your personal achievements.   They will call you to go through the programme and get you booked in for these.

Your package will differ from the example above, as each package is tailored to your individual health needs.

You will be surrounded by a supportive, diverse and motivating community at the retreat. Most people come on their own and from all over the world so whether you are arriving alone or with a partner/friend there will always be interesting people on their own personal journey running alongside yours.

We also provide airport pick and drop off.  We strongly recommend booking your flights as soon as your place has been confirmed.  This way you benefit from lower travel costs and ensure the flight you wanted isn’t sold out, meaning you have to fly sometimes the day before and then stay over.




Book before April 1st 2023

Book after April 1st 2023





OFFER. Book before April 1st and receive 5% discount on selected additional holistic treatments and therapies.

Price includes transfers, retreat place, all workshops, classes, food & drink, consultations and therapies listed above.  You can order additional treatments to personalise your experience.  Following your pre-retreat consultation with Lilly, she will also recommend a personalised package that is unique to you and your individual needs.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I apply, what is the process?

Once we receive your application, we then arrange a telephone consultation with Lilly, the retreat creator and whom you will be predominantly working with during your time with us.  Once Lilly accepts you onto the retreat, we will then contact you with her recommendations for the treatment programme to help you achieve what you have said are your goals.
Once you accept this, you pay a £750 non-refundable deposit.  The balance of the retreat price is due 6 weeks before the retreat.  Any additional treatments or therapies can be booked before you arrive (or when you are there subject to availability) and these are charged on the last day of the retreat.

What time does the programme start and finish?

This 4-day programme starts at 12:00 on day one and finishes at 14:00 on day 4

Where can I see and book additional treatments?

We offer a wide range of holistic and therapeutic treatments to enhance your experience with us.  You can browse all of these on our Holistic Treatments page.

You are not charged for any additional treatments you book until the last day of the retreat,

I want to stay on after the retreat. Can you recommend a hotel?

Yes we can – you are spoilt for choice in the Algarve for amazing hotels, whether you want something city-based or something literally on the beach.  Talk to us on WhatsApp at +447956004434

Can someone help me with what flights etc to book?

Yes we can.  Your host will go through all of this with you

If I arrive the day before, can the shuttle pick me up from my hotel?

If you are staying at one either close to the hotel then yes.  The other option is the hotel in Loulé, as this is on the route from the airport.  We can arrange a pick up from other hotels but there will be a charge – it may be cheaper to get a car from your hotel to one of the pick up points.  Take a look at our resource here or chat with us on WhatsApp  – +447956004434

If I book a shared occupancy room, who will I share with?

Room allocation is done once the retreat is full, however if you have opted to share a room, we will put you with another person of the same sex.

Where do people come from for these retreats?

Whilst the shorter duration tend to attract those from Europe, our retreats have welcomed people from as far afield as the US, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Dubai and the UAE.

Can I keep my phone and/or laptop?

Part of this detox and calming of the mind is having a complete detox and that includes electronics.  You will need to hand your phone and any other electronics in when you arrive and it will be given back to you when you leave.

What airport do we fly into?

Faro in The Algarve

Can I drive to the retreat?

You can, but for several reasons it’s a good idea to come in the bus with the other retreaters.  If you want to do this, please chat with us on WhatsApp once your place has been confirmed

What is the minimum age to attend the retreat?

Each person is assessed individually.  Fill in the application form and let’s see what we can offer you

Do we have to take part in all of the programme?

The programme has been designed by our expert team to help you achieve your health goals.  Those who attend are expected to participate in all elements of the programme unless on health grounds, where we will look at alternatives for you.

Is smoking permitted on the retreat?

No.  We are a health retreat and smoking is not permitted anywhere in the resort.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes of course, although they will be expected to also fully participate in the programme

Can I speak to someone before I apply?

Yes of course…  you can call +441252 265001 during business hours or chat on WhatsApp anytime at +447956004434


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