Regain Your Purpose for Living

Holistic, Personalized & Effective Health Retreats

Life Right Retreats specialises in holistic retreats designed to help participants heal in a comprehensive way including mind, body, spirit, and emotions

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Does this sound familiar?

Is life a constant series of stressful, painful, and meaningless days?

Have you lost passion for things you once loved?

Do you feel completely stuck without any path forward?

You’re not alone.

Millions of people across the country feel lost, trapped, helpless, and hopeless.

Don’t worry – we know EXACTLY what you’re experiencing, and we can help.

What you stand to gain from our retreats

Imagine yourself waking up every morning with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for life. You feel light and carefree. Sure, you have the normal responsibilities of normal life, but you have the ability to navigate through life with confidence. You’re happy, healthy, and harmonized on the inside and outside.

If that sounds unattainable from where you are now, we’re happy to tell you that you’re wrong! We’ve helped hundreds of people through our holistic retreats achieve a greater sense of purpose, happiness, and meaning in their lives.

Lilly on the beach

Retreat Creator: Lilly Wickham

Utilising her 20+ years clinical experience, Integrative Health Psychotherapist Lilly Wickham writes each retreat package from a blank sheet, based on the needs of those attending.  You are never expected to fit into a pre-designed programme, and that is why each person’s retreat is not only effective, but unique to them and their health goals.

We invite small groups of up to 10 people and deliver an unequaled attentive service to help you through your transition to better physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

As a multi-disciplined and highly sought after therapist, Lilly heads a team of 11 dedicated professionals & support staff, all who are all focused on you achieving your mental and physical health goals in an idyllic environment.

Read more about key members of the team who will be caring for you here

Everything you need for life-changing results

We know what you’re thinking. Life-changing results aren’t possible, right?

Well, those aren’t our words. That’s how our participants have described our holistic retreats over and over and over again. With a team of highly committed professionals, proven strategies, a holistic program, a stunning location, and nutritious meals, we have nearly everything needed to help you make a massive improvement in your life.

The only that’s missing is you!

You’re the final ingredient that makes these life-changing results truly possible.

Why Choose Life Right Retreats?

Holistic Approach

The quickest path towards living a more fulfilling and purposeful life is by treating all areas of your being which includes your psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual states.

With our holistic approach, we take the time to heal all of these components

Committed Staff

Our team is comprised of 11 hard-working, qualified, and passionate professionals who work tirelessly to create a safe, welcoming, and supportive atmosphere where true growth and improvement can take place.

We’re here for you each step of your journey.

Proven Results

We’ve helped hundreds  of retreaters regain a sense of purpose in their lives by digging down into the depths of what’s causing pain, stress, and difficulty in their life and providing resources and healing to overcome those obstacles.

We’d love to help you do the same.




Pre Retreat Consultation

This gives you a chance to meet Lilly virtually, discuss with her what’s going on and how we can help you on the retreat

Your Retreat Place

Only 10 people are invited to attend one of our retreats. This ensures you receive the one-to-one care and support we are famous for

Airport Transfers

We not only give you all the flight info you need, but we're there to greet you in the arrivals hall & take you to the retreat

Your Own En-Suite Room

Unlike most, we don't expect you to share. You get your own comfortable en-suite room, complete with A/C & sun lounger


Your Own En-Suite Room

Unlike most, we don't expect you to share. You get your own comfortable en-suite room, complete with air conditioning & sun lounger

Guided Visualisation Sessions

Training for relaxation & effective breathing for long-term health. After the recent pandemic, never has it been more important to get your breathing right

Daily Yoga Classes

Start the day the right way with a yoga class. Whether you are experienced or new to yoga, our instructor will show you how to get the most out of each class

Holistic Treatments

In addition to those included in your package, there's a comprehensive list of holistic & therapeutic treatments you can enhance your experience with.

Meditation Sessions

Lilly & Monica show you 6 different meditation techniques across 6 classes so you can choose the one you find easiest and most beneficial to continue with

Unlimited Drinks

Hydration is king and there's always a great choice of regular & naturally flavoured spring waters, decaf tea & coffee and fruit teas to choose from

Inclusive Treatment Package

We include everything you NEED - you can go ahead & add anything else you WANT. See individual retreats for exactly what's included

Activity Classes

3 brain & body awakening sessions, including HIIT & our sunshine Aqua-Fit classes

Use of Resort Facilities

You have an 'Access All Areas' pass to our private resort to use the pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym, studio, hammocks and games area. Plus there's plenty of space

Organic Food

Organic locally grown whole foods that offer a medicinal benefit to your entire body. You will feel a noticeable difference in the 6 days you are with us

Health Blasts

Helping the detox along - these little anti-inflammatory shots, oils & blends help your digestion and gut, thus having an impact on your mental wellbeing


We take you out to enjoy nature, with mindful walking & sunset meditation sessions as you experience some of the spectacular beaches we have nearby


Post-Retreat Support

At the end of the retreat it's not over, it's the start of a relationship to maintaining your emotional & physical wellbeing with diet plans, recipes audios & more

Priority Access

As a retreater, you get priority access to booking online & clinical sessions with Lilly, discounts on classes & workshops and much more.

Exact content varies depending on programme.  See individual retreat pages for exact content.

happy / sad woman


Very often trauma grief, shock, loss and upset is held in the body as well as being played out in the mind.

Examples of this could be breathlessness, headaches, hormone imbalances, bowel issues, reflux, skin complaints, neck shoulder and back pain.
It can also slow down or stop recovery from injury and illness and lead you down the path towards a chronic disease state.

Understanding the mind-body connection and how that can mask symptoms and cause other medically unexplained symptoms is integral to our approach and the success of your treatment.

Similarly, thought processes and how our behaviour is affected and influenced by our mindset and beliefs is equally as influential on our longevity and wellbeing.

This intensive retreat focuses on releasing, inspiring and encouraging you back to better health. AND…..If you wish to start the process off before your retreat starts, or continue after, we offer online or clinic-based treatments.

Life Right Retreats Food 2


Our amazing catering team offer extensive catering experience to Michelin star restaurant level.  The organic and nutritious meals created by Lilly and prepared by our team focus on different elements every day, so by the time you are ready to leave, your gut and digestive system is feeling as good as the rest of you.

All ingredients are either grown by us or on local farms.  In the Algarve, organic food is much more widespread than other countries and we enjoy relationships with local farmers who deliver the freshest ingredients to our door.  When fish is on the menu, it would have been caught at sea that morning.

All meals are free from gluten and refined sugars.  We do not use dairy either.

These meals will redefine your views on food.  We encourage you to try everything, it will awaken your tastebuds and introduce you to new flavours that are good for you.

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6 days in an idyllic location with the warmth of the sun, a team of people to take care of you and no distractions.  The perfect ingredients for a complete mind and body reset, although this retreat will take the definition of the word to a new level.

This retreat will deal with what is holding you back from being your best, whether that’s physically, emotionally or spiritually.  It’s the only retreat that offers personalised programmes to get the very best results for each person attending.

And the journey does stop on the last day…  Whilst we have stronger resilience and better tools to deal with every day life, if the last couple of years has taught us anything, it’s how life can often throw a curveball and sometimes we need some additional help to make sense of things.  We are here for you after the retreat for as long as you might need us.  Most don’t, but having that safety net there in case you do is another tool in your box for taking on the world.

When we focus on transformation, we focus on a life-long transformation



Join us in Loulé, Portugal.
Remember, as soon as you book, you can start working with Lilly online until the retreat