Recommended Hotels for Before & After

Whether you want to extend your experience by booking in a hotel before or after the retreat, we have a list of those that have been recommended by previous retreaters

This list is based on client feedback

Also, from any of these hotels, the shuttle can pick you up and/or drop you off as part of your inclusive transfer.


Hospedaria Frangaria

Rather plain from the outside, but inside it’s actually very nice.  This hotel has a good restaurant too and comfortable rooms.  Situated less than a mile from the airport

Hotel 3K

Hotel 3K Aeroporto


Great low cost hotel – the nearest to the airport yet surprisingly quiet.  The hotel has a private pool & comfortable rooms.

Hotel Monaco


Gets lots of positive feedback – around a mile from the airport, just off the main dual carriageway.  A pool, large restaurant and comfortable rooms

Golden Beach Guesthouse

Golden Beach Guesthouse


Always a favourite, not just because of the excellent decor and standards inside, but outside the views are second to none, with the property literally on the beach!  Eat on the upper deck or visit any of the nearby bars and restaurants.  Yes, you pay a premium for this, but it is worth every penny.  They only have a few rooms, so book early.