I can help you sleep: 2 audio downloads by Lilly Wickham


The essential sleep companion.  This purchase includes TWO audio downloads of sleep hypnotherapy with Lilly Wickham.


  • Clinical trauma psychotherapist Lilly Wickham guides you to getting a better night’s sleep, getting back to sleep if you wake and welcoming each morning refreshed and revitalised

You get TWO downloads in this ‘Better Sleep’ package, both voiced by Clinical Trauma Psychotherapist Lilly Wickham

  • An introduction to getting to sleep
    A guide to breaking bad habits, getting to sleep quicker and helping you stay sleeping for longer
  • ‘Effective Sleep’ 
    Using Lilly will teach you how to increase how long you sleep, have better quality of sleep, be able to get to sleep quicker, and return to sleep if you have to get up in the night.


Only use this audio when you are in bed or a reclining chair, free from any distraction.

It is best to use headphones where possible.  If playing from your phone, ensure you switch your phone to flight mode before starting.


Please ensure you download/copy this audio to your device.  The link will expire after 5 days.