CBD Oil (4%) 10ml


Cannabidiol, better know as CBD, is the new natural, plant based product taking the world by storm. CBD is one of the many compounds extracted from the Hemp plant. There are over 100 such cannabinoids, however more and more research is beginning to suggest that CBD has many potential benefits.

Every human has an endocannabinoid system which can be stimulated by the use of CBD. When absorbed into the body CBD binds to specialist receptors and assists with the transmission of neurons and immune system response. Current studies suggest that CBD may improve an individuals well-being and potential benefits have been linked to certain disorders. As research continues into CBD and cannabis more details will be available.

CBD Oil is the perfect way to support a healthy lifestyle. Our products are completely organic and suitable for vegans.

Dosage: Please see details on the product information leaflet, recommended dosage changes dependent on the strength of CBD oil you choose. Place the oil under your tongue and leave for 30-60 seconds before swallowing.

Ingredients: CBD in 10 ml of hemp seed oil. Our CBD oil contains no related substances such as THC except in trace quantities of less than 0.05%, which falls well below the guidelines of 0.2%.

Storage: At or below room temperature (25°C), outside range of UV (sun) light