Packing – What To Bring & What To Leave

We know from experience, everything you could possibly need can be fitted into a carry on bag – even if you are arriving the day before and not leaving until the day after the retreat…

Anyone who has brought a suitcase has hung up a selection of outfits, only to put them all back in the case at the end of the retreat, never having got them out the wardrobe!

Here’s a list of things to bring and a few things to leave behind too

  • Workout gear for stretching, yoga, HiiT classes and activities
  • Plenty of comfy clothes to wear during the day (and evening)
  • Sunbathing and swimming outfits
  • Flip flops, trainers & deck shoes/sandals
  • Travel size toiletries (there are some basic ones in your room, but you will need more)
  • Sun tan lotion
  • Clothes for your return/onward journey
  • Boarding passes & passports
  • Sun hat
  • Bug repellant… there aren’t too many around, but better not to get bitten
  • Plug in mosquito killer
  • Anti-histamine tablets
  • A regular watch – you will be surprised how often you look at your phone to find out the time.  As you won’t have your phone, then a watch is useful.


  • Hairdryer – there is one in your room
  • Electronics – this includes a Kindle.  Anything you bring for use when you are not with us can be handed in when you arrive.  Laptops, phones, tablets, smart-watches, charge packs etc will be returned to you fully charged (where possible) when you leave us.
  • Too many clothes!
  • Food or drink – this must be handed in when you arrive
  • Jewellery – please leave this at home
  • Towels – we supply these and change them every other day