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How can I get my life right?

From fear to trauma, pain to injury – we believe we can join up the dots and help you overcome what you believe may be your only way to live.

We are a dedicated team of holistic health professionals who have been working on a clinical basis for over 20 years.  We have seen 1,000’s of cases where anything from a few tweaks to a major overhaul of life or lifestyle habits have been what was needed to make the difference.

We use ‘MIST‘ – Metaphor Informed Somatic Therapy at Life Right.  This integrative approach (similar to functional medicine) incorporates a holistic approach, from diagnosis of causes (rather than symptoms), treatment, diet, testing, nutritional supplements, integrative therapies, neuro-cognitive and physical therapies.

We are pleased to make our treatments accessible to anyone in the world via our online consultations, including those seeking help with a range of issues, including medically unexplained symptoms.

If your GP or healthcare professional has been unable to correctly assess what is causing you to experience the symptoms you have, we can probably help.  You can book these online  – select a 40m online appointment with Lilly.  If you have not booked before, you can register as a new client when you book.

We have evidence of helping people that have suffered from addiction, abuse, anxiety, back pain, bereavement, body dysmorphia, chronic pain, confidence, depression, fertility issues, headaches, hormonal acne, insomnia, migraines, motivation, medically unexplained symptoms (MUS), panic attacks, period pain, PTSD, sinus pain, sleep issues, trauma,  weight issues and more through clinical & online sessions, wellbeing conferences & intensive residential retreats.


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