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Here you will find oodles of information regarding your retreat experience, this includes recipes, collective work you have created, print-outs, images and more.

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NB: This is not a comprehensive analysis of your unconscious regarding this story, it allows you to see a general trend.  Please refer to a professional if you wish to appraise further or it brings up some interesting aspects of how you interact with life and others.

So close your eyes and follow the story………

  • Imagine that you are entering a forest.

Is it light or dark?

Do you see a path?


  • Begin walking through the forest

You see a cup. What does it look like?

What do you do with it?

  • You continue through the forest and come across water.

What does the water look like?

Is it moving?

How deep is it?

You need to cross the water, how do you do this?

  • You then encounter a bear.

What sort of bear is it?

What is it doing?

You need to carry on. How do you get around the Bear?

  • You reach a clearing, you can see a beach.

Can you see any people?

If so, how far away are they?


The Forest

If you imagined the forest dark and threatening, that is your attitude to the journey you are on at the moment.

Seeing light = an optimist at heart/could be naive.

If a path, then still finding your way.

If winding, then troubled about finding your way/or see difficulties still.

If no path = sure of your development and secure.

The Cup

Symbolises wealth and your attitude towards status and money.

Trophy – grandiose or confident, privileged , expectant (all of these depends upon what you are doing with the cup). Holding up, a potential show of things when not secure, drinking from it shows an investment in life/almost expectation. Drinking from it can also mean you think of practical ways to motivate yourself and see other ways as indulgent. Taking it with you shows a sense of entitlement that you can provide for yourself.

If a cup/tea cup etc, then this shows a practical side to getting on with life and not showing feelings. The more ornate or patterned the cup (as opposed to a plain cup) then the more you put on a façade in life and to others regarding your feelings.

If you chose a plain cup, then this would mean that you are not good at accepting that you need to invest/reward yourself.

If you left the cup there, then material reward has little value to you, choosing to live as you go. Or you still don’t think you have worked hard enough to deserve reward.

If you kept the cup with you for the whole journey and used it in some way, then this signifies you thrive on new opportunities and you are quick to reward or buy things for yourself or others. Even sometimes if you can’t afford it.


The signifies your attitude towards sex and desire!

The speed is indicative of how you like your sex life.

Fast = higher libido

Slow = a low drive.

The depth indicates what you expect from sex and the fulfilment you desire.

If it was shallow, babbling then you crave a deep and intense connection in love-making.

If it was deep and fast moving (inc a waterfall), then you prefer it to be little and often, often with intense passion but short lived.

The more easily you crossed the water the more comfortable and liberal you are in your attitude towards sex.

The Bear

He/she represents problems in your life and how you deal with them.

Did you jump at the chance to try to see a problem with the Bear being there?

Was it a Teddy Bear, if so this means that you can glide through life with ease most times and when you do get stuck it may mean a reality check in your life.

If you saw a fierce Bear then life is a threat, safety may be an issue and you may need a holiday or a break from the pressure.

If the Bear wasn’t that fussed or you made friends with him then you tend to be able to solve most problems with ease, your life is manageable and your stress levels are low.

If you took the Bear with you or you wanted to then this implies that you do not rust yourself to deal with life’s situations and that you feel you are too kind/soft or easily led.

How did you get around the Bear?

Did you feel you had to summon up courage to do it – this means you do not know your limits and could push yourself more.

Did the Bear ‘behave’ or come easily towards you or away from you – this means you have a confidence in your own ability to handle most issues in life.

The Beach

This is how you relate to others.

The amount of people on the beach indicates what human contact you need in your life.

Lots of people = you are a social extrovert.

Secluded/deserted beach = you like your own company and can spend significant time on your own without getting lonely. It may be something you need in your life to be able to deal with stress.

The position of the people on the beach indicates

If they were close to you, then you crave contact and human interaction.

If they were in the distance, you are happy to know that someone is there, but do not crave their company. This can also indicate that you like/need your own space.

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Hi Guys

This is for you to follow when you get home and want to continue the good work you have already started with us

As per the Retreat, the days are designed to achieve a particular purpose but there is some wiggle room over the weekend (or whatever your ‘weekend’ is!)

Maybe start on a Monday as Day 1 and day 8.

You can change around days 1-5 and 8-12 but not days 6 -7 or 13-14. You can change the times that you eat the food on days 6 -7 and 13-14 but not the content

You can add in snacks to the days that I have highlighted but not any of the others. If I have highlighted a time to have the snack on any day, then please try to have it then.

Salads should always include a wide variety of plants and herbs. If you eat raw veggies or salad, try not to eat too much after 18.00 as this takes its toll on your digestive enzymes.

Veggies should also be a wide variety, BUT only eat greens (spinach, green cabbage etc) once per week for the first month. You can then increase it to twice per week after that. (try to keep the veggies crisp with some bite).


…more being added all the time


Chia Refresher

A tasty and healthy start to your day


Veggie/Chicken Curry

A healthy gluten-free curry


Happy Bomb

Organic, gluten & sugar-free chocolate


Mush Bolognaise

Wild Mushroom Bolognese


Stuffed Sweet Potato

Healthy & delicious

'The Mexican'

Fiesta Time!