Mind Modelling Part 2

Mind Modelling Part II

Let’s continue the magic…


19/11 Mind Modelling Event


Part 2 of this two-part online interactive seminar, helping with anxiety, immune system, depression, stress, unexplained symptoms, written, created and presented by Integrative Clinical Holistic Psychotherapist Lilly Wickham


An online event focusing on your immune system and helping to reduce anxiety, stress and depression as well as tackle symptoms others have been unable to help with.  We’ll continue to look at the psycho-education of the brain & how it fires down through your body & what that does on a recursive loop.  The day is ideal if you are suffering from anxiety, immune deficiencies, stress, depression, weight issues, unexplained medical symptoms and trauma.

The day will be in sections which will be explained at the start of the online event…  There will be a short break for lunch in the middle of this programme.

Buying a ticket for this event, also entitles you to access the full ‘catch-up’ too, so you can go back and check any parts you missed, or wish to refresh your memory with.  You can also access the ‘meditherapy’ session to help with your meditation and healing.

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