When you arrive into Faro, please send Richie a WhatsApp message to confirm you have landed.

The systems at Faro are usually very slick and swift.  If there are a number of flights arriving at the same time, then it will be good to get through to passport control as soon as possible – of course you won’t know this until you get to the top of the very elaborate marble staircase down to passport control, but we know you will be excited to get your retreat journey started as soon as possible!

Currently you will need your passport and your covid confirmation.  For ease, it’s best to print this off, or if you want to use your phone, take a screenshot of the page, so you don’t have to try and get wifi then log back into the app, which all takes time.

If you have brought hold luggage, the baggage handling at Faro is very efficient and the luggage will probably be there for you when you get through passport control.  If not, it won’t be long after.

Once you have all your possessions, there is only one exit through to the arrivals hall.   When you go through here and come out, you will see a line of mostly disused car rental desks in front of you.  TURN LEFT (where most people will be going) and follow through to the arrivals area where people are holding up boards with names on.  We will be located near to the Cafe Central outlet, which is on the right hand side.  Look out for the Life Right Retreats logo.

For those arriving on the earlier flights, Richie will be meeting you.  This also applies to anyone who arrived before the day of the retreat and is staying in a nominated hotel (this info will be on your login page).
For those arriving on later flights (where applicable), Yuri our driver will be meeting you and will bring you to the retreat.