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Lots of clients are happy to share how their Life Right Retreat experience has changed their lives.
Here is a small sample.  There is more on our YouTube page here

The Retreat with a difference, that makes a difference


We have been able to transform lives through innovative mind, body and brain entrainment techniques. This involves a combination of psychotherapeutic interventions, mind-body practices, neuro-feedback, biofeedback, breath-work, physical therapy, nutrition, psychobiotics, fasting, meditation and respecting our innate healing abilities to transform when shown the way.

Our retreats are ideal for those experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, grief, loss, weight concerns, relationship issues, burnout, confidence, physical pain & restriction.

Liz joined us in 2019 with a few things she needed help with…
Listen to her tell her story about what she was going through and how coming on a Life Right retreat helped her

What’s Included

  • Airport greeting and transfers to the resort.
  • A 5 night/6 day programme of psychological, emotional and physical expertise and interventions.
  • Baseline markers and data collated upon arrival and assessed for change upon departure.
  • 1:1 health psychotherapy sessions, that really focus on your life goals and your needs.
  • Creative and psychotherapeutic workshops that shift and change old beliefs and habits.
  • Residential and clinical experience that changes health status and improves brain efficiency.
  • Provision of holistic  education, for your continued self-help and future wellbeing.
  • Personalised therapeutic programmes designed for you to maximise results and impact your future.
  • Whole foods, hydration, nutri-therapeutics, psycho-biotics and gut retraining philosophy.
  • Daily holistic classes of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breathwork and movement.
  • Use of a heated pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym, equipment, studio, hammocks and recreation area.
  • Access to massage, reflexology, facials, foot care and aroma-hypnotherapy™
    Gratitude excursions to share the wonder of sunset and sunrise in our lives.
  • ‘Personal time’ to enjoy, solitude, inner peace, reflexion, in an environment of respect and community.

A typical day(s)

07:30: Wake-up call / power shot / hydrate

08:00: Morning sunshine Yoga class

09:00: Healthy breakfast or fast

09:45: Personal Time / Treatments / Consultations / Therapies

11:45: HiiT class / stretching / movement / breathing

12:30: Whole food lunch

13:15: Psychotherapeutic Workshop

14:30: Personal Time / Treatments / Consultations / Therapies / Excursion

17:00: Meditation Class / Breathwork / Mindfulness

18:00: Reflection / journaling / visualisation / grounding

19:00: Nutritious Meal

19:45:  Psychotherapeutic workshop/creative time/mind modelling

20:45: Meditation / mindfulness / hypno-psychotherapy / neuro-modelling

21:30: Restful sleep, with thoughts of hope, blessings and gratitude

Daniel joined us, after having been told he would never walk again.  His goal was to be able to walk his daughter down the aisle in 5 months.  See how we changed Daniel’s life, gave him hope and made his dream an achievable reality.

We have helped people get up and walk again, when they have been told they should not try.  A spontaneous stutter was resolved after an 18 month period of upset and frustration.  Life has taken on new meaning for those without hope, and a calmer joy has been achieved by those experiencing, grief or loss.   An average detox weight loss ranges from 2-7 kilos of unwanted fluid, inflammation and excess fat.


“I feel as if my personal toolkit has been filled up”

Rosie – attending retreat in Mallorca


“I can’t describe the difference in me, I’m smiling for the first time”

Jen – attending retreat in Devon


“This is a programme of life-changing results – Amazing!”

Dave – attending retreat in Isle of Wight


Our private resort just 30 minutes from Faro airport in The Algarve awaits your arrival.
A retreat that really delivers.


Arrive with baggage and leave feeling lighter, happier, healthier and with clarity for your life ahead.

APRIL 07-12

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MAY 06-11

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We have evidence of helping people that have suffered from addiction, abuse, anxiety, back pain, bereavement, body dysmorphia, chronic pain, confidence, depression, fertility issues, headaches, hormonal acne, insomnia, migraines, motivation, panic attacks, period pain, PTSD, sinus pain, sleep issues, trauma, weight issues and more.