Will I be expected to join in with all of the program?

Every component of the program is interlinked to achieve the very best results, so yes, we expect everyone to join in with everything.  Every element of the program is achievable and  classes are tailored to everyone’s ability levels.

Is the Retreat great for a rest?

This is an intensive retreat for helping people with psychological, physical & emotional issues.

How many places are available on the retreat

Typically we keep the group to a maximum of 14 people to ensure everyone can book the one-to-one sessions they require.

Will other people be there who aren’t on the retreat?

This is a private resort and only those attending the retreat and our team will be there.

What can the retreat help with?

It’s probably easier to list the issues it doesn’t…  Our experts can help with almost any psychological, emotional or physical issue – get in touch and we will let you know how the retreat can change your life

Can I come with someone else?

Normally yes, but this depends on demand for the small number of places we have available for each retreat.  Talk to us and we’re sure we can work out something