'Supercharge Your Immune System'

One-Day online ‘Mind Modelling’ Health Events presented by Lilly Wickham


Why you need to watch these Mind Modelling Events

Both conscious and unconscious thoughts affect systems within our body, releasing certain chemicals and hormones that can trigger an overactive immune response, not just in our body but also our brain.
Auto immune problems, allergic responses, inflammation within, and a negative impact on energy resources affect every single cell in your body.

It is therefore essential to recognise, understand, re-frame and retrain negative thought processes and self-talk to ensure optimum immunity.

What to expect...

A day filled with learning, understanding, connection, change and mindfulness. 


Learn – How your thoughts and self-talk effect your health and immunity

Understand – how this effects you personally

Connect – with a healthier way of thinking and notice the difference in your body and mind

Change – conscious and automatic thought processes to create a more positive and resilient way of being

Mindfulness and meditative exercises to practice healthful breathing and peace of mind

This therapeutic workshop has been designed to deliver and increase your awareness and knowledge of the specific ways you can improve your life.

It’s a full-on day that will fire in many different parts of your brain, creating a more sustainable, responsive and trust-worthy interface with your body.

Therapies used will include integrative psychotherapy, cognitive, behavioural and narrative re-storying, refocus and neural re-perspecting.  Movement, flow, creative imagination and breath-work will also be included.  The brain will be stimulated at the point of mind/body connectivity for lasting change.

Expect to be insightful, reflective, excited, encouraged and pleased with your progress.

On The Day


09:30 – 10:45: STAGE ONE:  Learning how the immune system is affected by adrenalin, stress and repetitive thoughts

10:45 – 11:00:  Comfort break

11:00 – 12:30:  STAGE TWO:  Therapeutic Workshop – Understanding how this is specific to you and what you need to change for better health.  Many different therapeutic approaches and techniques will be used to elicit stronger more positive ways of thinking about you and your life.  As this is an online event with a download option, you will be able to revisit this process to help overcome many other examples of negative and repetitive thoughts, other than those you work through on the day.

12:30 – 13:30:  LUNCH BREAK

13:30 – 14:45:  STAGE THREE:  Automatic and unconscious cognitions, how these play out in your breath, body & brain

14:45 – 15:00:  COMFORT BREAK

15:00 – 16:00:  STAGE FOUR:  Therapeutic workshop.  Putting what we have learned into effect + activating changes through our various bodily systems to ensure the changes we make remain, and enrich our wellbeing.

16:00 – 16:15:  Q + A

16:15 – 17:00:  STAGE FIVE:  Movement and Integrative Meditation (a culmination of Stages 1-4)

Lilly Wickham

Lead Therapist & M.I.S.T. Practitioner


MSc, MA, PGDip, PGCE, BSc(hons), AdvDipCHyp, Mas NLP(t) DipNeuro, CBT/ACT/DBT/CFT certificated, EMDRPrac and BRIEF certification.

Member of

  • British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists
  • Royal Society of Medicine
  • Association of Family Therapy
  • General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (Snr)
  • Association of Neurolinguistic Therapy
  • Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council

Watch live-stream

The event will be live-streamed over the whole day. Watch from anywhere in the world


Download recording

Can’t be there on the day? Download a recording of the entire day’s programme.




Part 1 of 4

Negative/unhelpful thoughts and self-talk that deplete resources


    OCTOBER 30

    Part 2 of 4

    Feelings and emotions that affect the nervous system


      NOVEMBER 20

      Part 3 of 4

      Energy, the brain body relationship and how to increase it


        JANUARY 29

        Part 4 of 4

        Managing an ageing system for optimum resilience