Lilly has been providing integrated patient-led psychotherapy in Hampshire and Surrey since 2001. Formerly at Harley Street, Lilly now spends her time outside of her clinical sessions, writing up clinical outcomes and researching the efficacy of various interventions to improve longevity and quality of life.  

Her focus is to continue working within the trauma field of mental and physical health, observing through her experience and studies where emotion meets the physical and leaves its mark in the way of illness, disease and restriction.

Over a period of + 20 years she has helped, supported and worked with thousands of people whose lives have been affected by childhood, family or relational upset, grief, loss, injury and traumatic events.  Her research topics have studied childhood adversity influences on adult long-term health conditions regarding psychosomatic and hard to treat conditions.  Currently, Lilly is researching how trauma, lifestyle, nutrition and relationships (with self and others), influence epigenetic changes and the expression of disease. This is with a view to implementing her ‘M.I.S.T.’ approach to ameliorate disease progression.

The M.I.S.T. model of intervention, (‘metaphor informed somatic therapy‘)  has been developed through clinical and residential studies.  It is specific to how long term and resistant health conditions can affect the sub-structures that have been enlisted by the brain to cope with such trauma, to overcome and relinquish unhelpful or harmful habits and behaviours – some of which will be unconscious.  (i.e. you will not be aware of why you do certain things or why you react in certain ways to people and situations.)  It can also break-through where other therapies have failed, and change reactions to stress and upsetting stimuli, which ultimately improves cardiac, gastric, endocrine and mood disorders – symptoms of which can be manifested in your body by depression, anxiety, addictions, high blood pressure/irregular heart rate, poor bowel function, thyroid (hyper or hypo), cognitive issues, dry skin/rashes and medically unexplained symptoms.

The identification and recognition of Functional Neurological Disorder has further reinforced the impact that untold, unresolved, and unrecognised trauma can wreak on the body and mind.  The body will always look to cope with what life’s events has thrown at it.  If it cannot make sense of it and resolve the fear or shock attached to it as a memory, then it may convert it into a neuropsychological disorder.  It does this to protect and shield the fight or flight response especially when exhaustion or constant threat has been experienced.  Clinically, Lilly has worked with people who have reported spontaneous blindness, paralysis, non-epileptic fits, chronic pain, trouble swallowing, walking, or breathing difficulties, all of which have had extensive investigations to no avail.

The Clinical Hub in Surrey is dedicated to exploring and ameliorating chronic unresolved and unspecified mental and physical issues.  Lilly and her Team work with people from 12 years old through into their 90’s with curiosity, care and expertise.

In 2012 Lilly identified the positive impact intensive holistic therapy can offer, creating our integrated mind/body health retreats.  On these, she enjoys spending time with each ‘retreater’ individually and in the classes and workshops she holds.  She ‘walks the talk’ and loves the components of wellbeing, dovetailing them as a philosophy into, not only her life, but the lives of those she is privileged to share time with.

She has experienced her own fair share of trauma, upset and childhood difficulties and believes that this (with her own regular supervision, CPD and wellbeing therapy) enables her to connect, care and fully understand how to use her knowledge and experience to its best affect to help others

Lilly is a voracious reader and enjoys constantly learning, challenging and researching contemporary approaches that push the boundaries of her integrated psychotherapeutic approach

She is at present working on her writing and research.


  • Up to 2002
    • Accounting and Business Practices – Redlands College – Accreditation – AAT (level 4)
    • Human Science (major psychology) – Jo’berg University (SA) – Level – Graduate
    • Health and Wellbeing (various – including personal training, diet and exercise to music) – Accreditation – FIA
    • Training and Development Practitioner – Kingston University.  Accreditation – CIPD. Level 5 (Graduate)
  • 2003 – Complimentary Health Practices – St Clements.  Level – Batchelor of Arts
  • 2004 – Hypno-Psychotherapy – National College – London.  Accreditation – UKCP. Level PostGrad Diploma
  • 2005 – Neuro Linguistic Programming – Beeleaf Training.  Accreditation – UKCP – Master Practitioner
  • 2006 – Contemporary Psychotherapy – St Mary’s University London –  Level 5
  • 2008 – Systemic Practices (Family & Couples) – Birkbeck University.  Accreditation – I.F.T. Level – PostGraduate Diploma
  • 2009 – Buteyko Breathing Course  – CPD
  • 2010 – Awarded ‘Senior’ status on Hypnotherapy register.  Accreditation – GHSC
  • 2011 – Attachment & Neuroscience – Couples Institute (USA).  Level – Post Graduate Certificate.
  • 2011 – Motivating Challenging Children – CPD
  • 2012 – Systemic and CBT Approaches – CPD
  • 2013 – Virtual Gastric Band – CPD
  • 2013 – Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) CPD.  Accreditation – EMDR Practitioner – London.
  • 2013 – Certificate of Practitioner Proficiency – BACP
  • 2014 – Health and Social Care Practices – Derby University.  Level – Professional Doctorate Studies
  • 2015 – Human Biochemistry and Physiology – CPD.  Level – Graduate
  • 2015 – Brief Solution Focused Therapy – CPD.  BRIEF – London
  • 2019 – Third Wave Therapies Certification. (including meditation, mindfulness, dialectical and compassion focused therapeutic competence). Accreditation – British Psychological Society
  • 2021– Personalised Nutritional Practices – Middlesex University.  Accreditation – Level 7 –  PostGrad.
  • 2021 – Boosting Immunity and The Brain – CPD – New Scientist Academy
  • 2022 – Complex Trauma Training Level 1 & 2 – (CCTP)
  • 2022 – Trauma Defined (The Body Keeps the Score) – CPD
  • 2023 – Psychometric Profiling – Level A & B/EQ-I 2.0/EQ 360/HUCAMA Accreditation – British Psychological Society
  • 2023 – qEEG, Neurofeedback and Biofeedback PGDip – Accreditation BCIA.

In her spare time Lilly enjoys creating new tastes and experiences through food, reading, walking, meditating, self-hypnosis, music, dancing, singing, laughing and being by the sea.

Lilly also commits to her own twice monthly professional supervision and self-care and respect practices, such as meditation, mindfulness, whole foods, fasting, breathwork, spinal, neural and body work and enjoys the energy of like-minded people