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From fear to trauma, pain to injury – we believe we can join up the dots and help you improve any issues that you feel may be holding you back from enjoying life to the full..

We work within a community of qualified, fully insured health professionals that have over 20 years clinical experience of psychological and psychosomatic health concerns. We have seen 1,000’s of cases where anything from a few changes to a major overhaul of life or lifestyle habits has been what was needed to make the difference.

A unique model for change called ‘MIST‘ – (Metaphor Informed Somatic Therapy), is the intervention that underpins the success we have, when changing long term and resistant health conditions at Life Right. This integrative approach, incorporates, cognitive, behavioural and psychological understanding with biochemical and neuroimmunology knowledge. Honed over 20 years of clinical training, experience and research, MIST respects and encompasses the vital differences in us all, ensuring an individual understanding is achieved when we work with you towards better health.

A cross-section of clinical cases we have worked with are mood disorders medically unexplained symptoms, autoimmune diseases, and relationship issues.
So if you have tried other routes to improve your health and all has failed, left you confused or you would like another perspective then book in for a consultation and see how we can work together. T

The initial consultation to plan what, when and how is always online, after which we agree a plan to help and move you forward either online, in clinic or a combination.

If you have not been in to see us before, or there has been a gap of more than two years since your last appointment, you need to complete a new intake form, otherwise click the ‘make a booking button below and browse our available appointments.

Fast track the change in you with our intensive Residential Retreats

A Life Right Retreat is a great way to access intensive holistic care over a 6 day period of your life. It is ideal if you have issues that have just arisen that you know the origin of or need to get over something fast to move on in your life.

Or do you want to kickstart a health regime, change your gut, blood pressure, breathing, skin or eating habits? Or for a great way to re-educate your brain and the way you think, this retreat programme is the one for you.

Our success has been felt by 1,000's of people, using either the clinical approach or intensive residential option... or some choose both to stay as fit, youthful and healthy as they can in a world of toxins, stress, over-stimulation and indulgence.

Apply to join our 6-day retreat in a private resort in the Algarve.

Are you experiencing any of these? If so, we can help...

Body Dysmorphic disorder (BDD)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
Chronic Pain
Eating Disorders
Gender Dysmorphia
Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS)
Panic Attacks
Self Esteem
Sexual Dysfunction
Sleep Issues
Weight Issues