Additional Treatments and Therapies (pre-booking)

Additional Therapies & Treatments

Before we take you to the booking form, let’s take a moment to explain what we offer and the benefits of each treatment or therapy available to you.

These are in addition to those already in your package that Lilly has put together for you, so please refer to this first (on your personal login page) to maximise the effectiveness and sustainability of your health programme.


These tests can help with the expedience of your treatment on the retreat, offering further microbiological insights into symptoms & concerns you have with your present health.  The results can identify health issues before the take hold and explain other health anomalies that have left you perplexed or unsure how to heal yourself.

Gut/Bowel Test

Most people have heard about the importance of the brain:gut relationship with health and mental wellbeing.  Science is illuminating the necessity to have a well functioning gastro-intestinal tract that supports cell regeneration, hormone balance and immune regulation.  Very often, dysbiosis, an (imbalance of intestinal bacteria) can cause inflammation that leads to infection and disease.  This innovative test not only looks at the intestinal bacteria, but it also screens for inflammation, infection, mould, fungus and changes in the immune activity in the mucosa of the gut.
Sample type: stool – £140

Small Intestine Test

An invaluable test to have if you are suffering from acid reflux, bloating, skin concerns, headaches, itching, excess wind or burping after eating.  The ability of this test is impressive, in that is identifies not only lactose or sucrose intolerance, but it also screens for the damage that may have been inflicted by this lack of enzymes in your gut wall, leading to small intestine permeability.
Sample type: urine – £140

Hormone Profile Test

Hormones are influential in so many processes in our body, not only in regulating energy mood and brain functioning, but in also regulating our sleep, libido, skin and cell renewal and gut health.  This test measures levels of cortisol, DHEA. progesterone, testosterone and estradiol, identifying deficiencies and over-production of these hormones, allowing you to understand and to support your body with lifestyle change or vitamin regulation.
Sample type: saliva – £155 

Methyl Test

DNA methylation and the function of the liver in detoxification are very important processes in the body to ward off damage and disease in your body.  This simple test gives you an insight into how these pathways are working in your body and what you need to do to help and support any irregularities and deficiencies you may have in the proteins and enzyme integrity we need to stay well.
Sample type: urine – £90

Arteriosclerosis Screen

This test is one of its kind in identifying heart disease and lipid concerns before they are an issue to your health.  It can also help to identify the finer contributors that are not picked up on conventional  tests, that better explain how or when  the disease started and what you need to do to correct this imbalance in mitigate further damage.  It combines your inflammation markers with your lipids to inform a treatment plan that can impact any recent readings or results you may have had from your health practitioner.
Sample type: blood – £105

Neurotransmitter Test

How our brains fire are not just a case of how we are stimulated or what is going on around us, sometimes it can be from a lack of certain hormones within our gut or brain, that are lacking or being over-produced.  This test screens for catecholamines, adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin and is invaluable for mood disorders, gut issues, long-term antidepressant ingestion and anxiety.
Sample type: urine – £110

Estrogen Metabolites

If you have suffered from any hormonal issues, illness or you have any reproductive disease in your family, this test screens for the metabolites that may be present in your system, that cause inflammation and damage.  The metabolites it identifies can cause symptoms of hormone dysregulation and extended menopause, leaving you feeling tired, confused, irritable, lack lustre and demotivated.
Sample type: urine – £125 

Lipo Protein Test

This test identifies any harmful fat particles that can cause disease in the arteries. leading to heart concerns.  So if you have had high cholesterol or HDL:LDL ratios that  have concerned you, or it runs in your family, this test will identify what lipids may or may not be harmful in your body and the pathway for helping to resolve it.
Sample type: blood – £92


Aroma-Hypnotherapy Massage

This specialist treatment combines hypno-therapeutic guided visualisation,  brain/body reactivity, acupressure, clinical massage and the power of the senses to change habits, thoughts emotions and behaviours. This is very powerful session developed by Lilly for the Retreats to evoke rapid and lasting change.   *There are a range of therapeutic programs available.
(45 minutes – £70)

Clinical Reflexology

Reflexology is a great tool for identifying issues within your body and to use a very receptive and influential part of your body to help with change.  Not only does it flood the body with neuronal activity, it is also an impressive way to move energy blockages,  pain and upset. Whilst it induces a feeling of calm, it can also give you a feeling of being grounded and better connected to life.  Book a regular reflexology appointment.

*Two diagnostic sessions are included in your treatment plan, as a benchmark, when you arrive and when you leave. A printed report is used by Lilly and the Team as a useful insight into energy flow, potential disease, pain and further informs your Retreat treatment plan.  These diagnostic sessions do not include treatment.



These packages are designed around your needs.  Please speak with us about your needs and we will put together a programme for you.

Mood Enhancement

The mind is a filter for how you view life and the situations that are going on around you, as well as those that have built up over the years. Sometimes it reaches overload and either shuts down or slows your thought processes and enjoyment of life, giving rise to a change in mood, lack of motivation and interest in life.
During this treatment, brain data & activity is captured and complementary brain waves are used to increase the efficacy of the neuro-therapy and stimulation to your body.  This works in synergy to create activity in the brain that lifts mood, changes brain state and opens up possibilities for a fresher approach to life.
£25 per session (Min. 2 recommended)

Reduce Anxiety

Certain brain activity influences how worry can increase and lead to anxiety in the autonomic nervous system.  Often this is the cause of stress upset and agitation, in the way we think and how we act, breathe, sleep and move our bodies.  This treatment matches a heightened response via the nervous system in your brain and body, by changing the way your mind delivers signals which slows down brainwave activity to a more rational cognitive state.
£25 per session (Min. 2 recommended)

Sleep Enhancement

Using the latest rTMS technology, mind enhancing and relaxation neural programming, techniques this treatment ‘re-trains’ your brain to receive and accept the signals from your hormones to relax and produce sleep-like reactions in your body, redirecting your thought processes into a parasympathetic state to induce restful and restorative sleep.  The holistic use of neuro-entrainment balances hormone production and improves your natural circadian rhythm.
£25 per session (Min. 2 recommended)

Energy & Focus Boost

Feel lethargic?  Increase your energy with our specialist rTMS equipment, helping with focus and energy.  This helps with improving cognitive performance, attention and reducing the proportion of errors.  It energises cells on a molecular level, resulting in oxygenised brain and increased blood flow.
£25 per session (Min. 2 recommended)

Enhance Your Memory & Clarity of Mind

If you have difficulty focusing or suffer from brain fog or memory issues, this session uses the latest EEG equipment and dynamic feedback that helps enhance your mental state – great in conjunction with Lilly’s meditation classes.  Provides graphical assessment, so you can track progress.
£25 per session (Min. 2 recommended)

Decrease Aches & Pain through Mind/Body Techniques

This session uses neuro-therapeutic ways to change pain signalling from mind to body, that ultimately changes acute & long-term aches and pain in any area of your body.  This is achieved by either rTMS or electro-therapy (depending on the location, duration & type of pain you are experiencing). It also uses different breathing techniques to change the signal of pain to brain, via the mind and our life story.  Long term pain is always a learned behavioural response which will be exacerbated by an emotional or psychological element.
£30 per session (Min. 3 recommended)

Deep Relaxation

Learn progressive relaxation techniques, through a guided session that can entrain this technique into your brain, breath and behaviour.  It is recommended that you book this programme 2-3 times on your stay with us to ensure it becomes an unconscious competency that you can use without giving it too much thought. Ideal for troubled sleep, when you wish to switch off, take a power nap, relax or use it to enhance your meditation skills.
£25 per session (Min. 2 recommended)

Brain Entrainment

Ground breaking holistic therapy that uses a sequence of neuro-stimulation, EMS grounding, guided visualisation and therapeutic breath-work specifically to change issues and problems with sleep, eating disorders, grief, bad habits, irrational fears, lack of focus and phobic responses.
Various programmes ranging from £75-150


30m Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Target aches and pains in your back, neck and shoulders with this therapeutic treatment.  Great to relax you when you arrive and for part of your treatment for anxiety & stress. (£40)

50m Relaxation & Anti-Stress Massage

Banish stress and soothe the discomfort of aching muscles. Your therapist can focus on particular areas of concern to release localised areas of intense tension. (£55)

50m Aromatherapy Massage

Utilising the power of aromatherapy, this treatment offers enhanced relaxation and calm – great if you are used to being on the go all the time. (£55)

45m Sports Therapy/Deep Tissue Massage

Great for relieving muscle pain, frozen shoulder, stiff neck, aching joints and a range of other muscular and physical conditions where a stronger technique is beneficial.  Not sure?  We can advise you on what is the best type of treatment. (£55)

50m Hot Stone Massage

The combination of hot and cold stones encourages your body to detox and heal through increasing your lymphatic flow and encouraging your body to remove waste products. (£60)

90m Exfoliation & Rehydration Massage

A complete full body exfoliation and rehydration process – all wrapped up in a therapeutic and relaxing extended length massage treatment. (£120)

Indian Head Massage

A delightfully relaxing and therapeutic treatment.  Release stress in the muscles and joints of the head, face and neck, using techniques based on the ayurvedic system of healing. (£40)

Therapeutic Hand Massage

We hold tension in our hands – this massage treatment, inspired by Japanese techniques releasing tension through pressure points and deep massage.  Delightfully freeing. (£40)

Clinical Reflexology Treatment

Releasing energy blockages in your feet and throughout your body, a reflexology treatment can make big impacts on the way your body functions and feels. (£40)

Brightening Anti-Ageing Facial

This revitalising facial uses anti-oxidising and nourishing ingredients to leave your skin firm and supple. The facial massage provides an invigorating treat for your senses: the warmth of your therapist’s hands contrasts with the cooling gels. You can combine this treatment with a massage treatment.  (£55)